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We Have a Title!

The first and second rounds of editing are done and it appears the working title seems to have stuck: BOMBINGHAM: Day of Reckoning will adorn the cover is some form and will be the key identifier for the book.

By the time that Magic City Déjà Vu was in this stage of post-production, I had already begun the research for my next book. While it is certainly historical in nature, it is one that doesn't involve detectives or crime. But when Magic City Déjà Vu was released and I was out promoting the book at events and signings, the consensus was that readers wanted more of Fay Findlay and SCU and so my focus switched. I already had a vague outline in my head for the next book in this series so instead of the planned book, I dove into BOMBINGHAM: Day of Reckoning. It was a very fortunate decision.

The book I was planning would have meant being back in the library combing through archives and newspapers from the early twentieth century and beyond, but that would have abruptly halted in February as the pandemic shut everything down and made the library off limits. It is also somewhat ironic since a significant part of that story involves the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918. That story is still brewing and will come in time.

So it was fortuitous that I shifted my focus back to Fay Findlay and the BPD. There is definitely an historical backdrop to this story but instead of centuries old, we only go back to the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties. The research I needed for that and going forward was readily available via the wonderful invention of the Internet. The book is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2021 with a pre-release date a few weeks earlier. We are now kicking around cover designs and doing all the boring stuff to get ready to send it off to the printers after the new year. But, true to form, the research and planning for the third book has already begun. It's too early to give you much, but I will be introducing a new protagonist and characters that I am excited about. It will be a suspense/crime novel.

Thanks for following me. As the Covid cases continue to climb, please be safe!

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