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On this day in 1888 ...

A horrendous crime was discovered in Birmingham, Alabama that thrust the young city into the National Headlines and changed the city forever...

On December 4, 1888, two young boys in a canoe discovered the body of a young girl floating in the water of Eastlake Park. The child was later identified as May Hawes who lived with her parents, younger sister and brother in a small house in what is now known as Lakeview on Birmingham's Southside. Days later the bodies of her mother and sister are found at the bottom of the lake at Lakeview not far from their home. The remnants of the lake are now on the Highland Park Golf Course. It was the story of this crime that set the stage for my novel, Magic City Murder Déjà Vu. While the true crime story of the 1888 Hawes murders is retold using public records and newspaper accounts of the day, it is also intertwined with a modern day fictional crime that is eerily similar in many ways and threatens to once again change the Magic City and the Birmingham Police Department forever.


On December 4, 2017 the body of a young girl is discovered floating in Eastlake Park. Lt. Fay Findlay, head of the Special Crimes Unit (SCU) of the Birmingham Police Department, encounters a case from the history books as she realizes the evidence is hauntingly similar to an infamous murder case discovered on the same date and place that occurred more than a century ago. Now, one hundred and twenty-nine years later the crime once again is thrust into the headlines as Lt. Fay Findlay and the SCU team investigate the current case and unravel the mysteries that tie the two cases together.

Magic City Murder Déjà Vu is available wherever books are sold in hard cover, soft cover and available in Kindle from Amazon. Signed copies are available from the author from this website.

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