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New Book is Finished... sort of

For a writer there is a great sense of relief and accomplishment by simply typing --- THE END ---. The months and sometimes years of research, writing and rewriting culminates with that simple phrase but it is really just the beginning. Once the story is done the laborious tasks of proofreading, edits and rewrites begin. Before the product is ready for release, we try to make sure it is in its best form to entertain and inform the reader. Along with hopefully catching typos that autocorrect missed and grammatical faux pas, there will be clarifications needed and scenes shortened or lengthened or even deleted or added. Then there are all those other things... Cover design, acknowledgements, dedications and all those things that go into a book.

My second novel, tentatively titled, BOMBINGHAM: Day of Reckoning, is now in the hands of proof readers and friends and family members who have agreed to provide honest feedback. I am playing with different ideas for the cover and thinking about who all need to be thanked and hoping I haven't overlooked someone in the process. We are shooting to have the book ready to go to the printer in the early summer and be ready for release sometime around July or August. And then there is the WHAT NOW questions in the midsts of a world pandemic when nothing is normal.... How does one promote a new book in the new normal? Book signings in crowded bookstores is out of the question and maybe even book signings period, other than those mailed out to eager readers... I guess time will tell. It is certainly not something that only affects me or only writers. Musicians, Actors, theaters and venues are all grappling with what to do and there are no easy answers. The pandemic has not only killed so many it has also wrecked the world economy more than anything since the great depression.

Meanwhile along with all the editorial and preparations going for this book, ideas and characters are forming for my third novel. I have no idea what may come as I have dozens of project ideas that are always accumulating. We will give the characters of the first two books a rest and introduce you to new folks and stories but likely my beloved hometown of Birmingham will once again be the backdrop or at least some of it. I will continue to keep you posted here with my monthly blog so stay tuned!

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