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Join Us For an Online Pre-Launch Party!

Mark you calendar! Tuesday May 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm Central Time we will have a pre-launch event for my new novel, BOMBINGHAM A Day of Reckoning, on our facebook page. While we would love to gather in person, that just isn't safe to do just yet, so we are making the best of a pandemic situation. We will go live on our Facebook page and start off the event with a toast, so prepare your beverage of choice and join us. Whether it be a cocktail, wine, milk or our favorite concoction - Sweet Ice Tea, we will toast together and then spend some time talking about the new book. My co-host for the evening will be my dear friend, Dr. J.R. Hale, or as I know him - Randy. Randy and I go way back all the way to high school and he remains a dear friend to this day and he is also my publisher! Randy will interview me about the new book and my journey as a writer and storyteller. We will also be inviting you, the audience, to submit your own questions during the event and we will answer them. It won't be quite the same as gathering in person but we will have some fun. There will be a few prizes to hand out too! We will have some gift cards to a couple of Fay Findlay's favorite Birmingham restaurants, some books, and give one person the opportunity to appear in my next book! They will get to choose whether they appear as a "good guy" or "bad guy." It should be fun!

Leading up to the pre-launch event, we have opened up pre-orders for the new book, so click on the ORDER button on the top right hand corner of our home page and order yours today! Our plan is to get the pre-orders shipped out before the May 11th pre-launch event, so get your orders in early. We will sign the book and ship them out in early May so you will be the first to get the book before the official launch on June 1st.

As things continue to improve we are hopefully that later this summer we can make some in-person appearances. We have been in touch with several independent bookstores and libraries around the south and we will make announcements as soon as things look safe and we have firm dates. Until then, be dafe and keep reading!

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