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It's Happening!

The first batch of books were shipped out to independent bookstores this week. This is part of the process of introducing the book to booksellers ahead of the June 1st release. Hopefully, they will add the book to their orders and schedule book signings in their shops, should the pandemic allow such things again.

We have also added the new book on the ORDER page of our website, so you can pre-order your signed copy. These orders will ship out about 10 days prior to the official release. I am so grateful to my support team for all their help.

Meanwhile, I am busy creating more stories! I have just completed my first screenplay that I will be submitting to the Rocket City Short Film Screenwriting Competition. It is my first venture into screenwriting so wish me luck. I am also 9 chapters into my latest novel which will be the first in a series that varies a bit from the first two books. The one thing that doesn't change is the location. Although our characters will travel, home base is still my beloved Magic City of Birmingham, Alabama. It is early in the process, but there will some intrigue, some romance, some baseball and of course, detective work and drama. Stay Tuned!

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